What we're working on at Conflict Disclosure Management

  • A process for using the Kuali system for communicating follow up questions and information about submitted COI disclosures.
  • Getting the new CDM office, policies, and procedures up and running.  We are doing our best to be responsive while revising the system to work better for researchers and administration.
  • Developing new questions within Kuali to help supervisors and the CDM Office be able to better identify potential conflicts and provide researchers with ways to better describe the activities covered by the disclosure.
  • Reviewing the COI Policy and procedures to evaluate ways to be more transparent and user friendly, better align with current university processes, and better align with federal and state requirements.
  • We are aware of and working on the Kuali limitation that won’t allow project-based disclosures when there is a pending disclosure.  We are trying to find a solution that will allow for disclosure without overwhelming the CDM office.