Federal criminal law (18 USC 208) says that you cannot work on Government matters that will have an effect on your own personal financial interests. Upon request for funding from U.S. Public Health Services or Department of Energy, researchers are required to complete Financial Conflict of Interest (COI) training.

If you were identified as conducting research for a PHS or DOE grant, you will should have received a notice from to login to to complete the online Conflict of Interest module. 


  1. Login at CITI NetID Login.
    • For a first time using the MSU connection, you'll be asked if you had any previous CITI account which you want to merge to avoid retaking any past courses. 
    • If you had a previous account, update your primary address to the format to ensure your records are found during te weekly transfer process.

  2. Click View Courses > Learner Tools > Add a Course.(image)
    • You will be presented with 5 questions. You can answer No or Not at this time for questions 1-4). Select Conflict of Interest in question 5.

  3. Complete the online module immediately or you can return to finish any additional modules later. 
    • It will take about 1 week for your completion to be recorded in the OSP system assuming your CITI account is properly set-up. (see FAQ below)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I already did this. Why isn't my CITI training completion showing up in the MSU system (AbilityLMS, OSP/SPA).

  • CITI completions are imported at least once a week into AbilityLMS. COI training status is updated in the Sponsored Projects system shortly after. 
  • You must use your email format in your CITI account (image) for the import process to find and match with your MSU account. 
  • Your annual FCOI disclosure is different from your training requirement which is every 4 years.

Q. Can I use a different course instead of the CITI Financial Conflicts of Interest: Overview Investigator Responsibilities and COI Rules (COI-Basic)?

  • You will only receive an email notice to complete training if you do not have one of the accepted course records on your Ability transcript. 
  • The AbilityLMS automatically calculates any equivalencies.
  • Several other CITI courses are accepted, but not all (as long as they were completed within the past 4 years).
  • You can merge your CITI account from a previous institution. We cannot accept paper certificates in lieu of a digital record at this time. 
  • The MSU Financial Conflicts of Interest course previously required is sufficient up to 4 years after your last completion.

Refresher Training

PHS and DOE researchers are required to renew this training every 4 years. You will receive an email reminder 30 days prior to the deadline. Recall that it can take a week for records to be imported into the MSU system. You will continue to receive reminders until your training completion is recorded in the Ability training compliance system. 

Optional Audience

Other faculty are not required to complete the training module at this time, but are encouraged to do so.