Conflict of Interest Forms


To file a disclosure of your interests, MSU faculty and staff use the online system provided by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Contract and Grant Administration (CGA). No paper form is used. To file your disclosure online, go to the Research Administration System portal. To see a brief video on how to use the online disclosure system, click here.

If you are not an MSU employee, you will not be able to access the OSP/CGA portal. If you are required to disclose your related financial interests to MSU, complete this form:

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

If you have an entity to disclose, use this form:

Conflict of Interest Entity Disclosure

Subrecipient Forms:

Persons or entities who are not employees of MSU and are subrecipients (i.e. subcontractors) on a proposed MSU project must complete OSP’s Subrecipient Commitment Form.  On that form, a subrecipient indicates whether the entity has an active and enforced conflict of interest policy that is consistent with the provisions of the Public Health Service regulations.  

If the subrecipient DOES have such a policy, they comply with that policy:  they do not need to submit disclosures to MSU. 

If the subrecipient DOES NOT have such a policy, they must comply with MSU policy on Conflict of Interest. Since subrecipients do not have an MSU net ID, they do not have access to the OSP/CGA online disclosure. Instead, they must use the dislclosure forms linked above.

Board of Trustees:

An MSU contract with an entity in which an MSU employee holds an interest requires Board of Trustees approval. If this is the case, please fill out the Proposed BOT Review Template and send to