Conflict of Interest at MSU

PHS/NSF Requirements

Requirements by the Public Health Service (PHS) and National Science Foundation (NSF), effective since 2012, require Conflict of Interest training for investigators on PHS-funded projects, and annual disclosure of significant financial interests for investigators on PHS and NSF-funded projects.

MSU updated its Faculty/Academic Staff Conflict of Interest Policy to reflect these requirements. It applies to faculty and academic staff as well as to other individuals who propose, conduct, or report the results of University research and other sponsored projects.

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Note that the requirement to be trained applies only to investigators for PHS projects. The requirement to annually disclose all interests apply at this time only to investigators for PHS or NSF projects. 

Other MSU faculty and academic staff (i.e. those not involved with PHS/NSF research) continue to be required to disclose interests related to any new proposal or project.

The difference is that all faculty and academic staff persons must disclose personal interests that are related to a proposed research project; PHS/NSF investigators must annually disclose all interests related to their institutional duties, whether or not the interests are related to their projects.